The role of IoT

Project Details

Digital Concept Development School Project

My role in the project — Undertake user research, interaction design, working on the user experience and user testing.

Client — Danske Bank
Services — User Research, User Experience Design, Prototyping and Testing
The Team — Dan Mircea, Paulina Witczak, Nicolae Chitoroaga, Alicja Lemańska


Danske Bank set a challenge for us in order to see what their role might be in the future of the internet of things. Our goal was to come with the innovative potential use of IoT. During this project, we decided to focus on visually impaired persons and create something that could make their life easier.


Wayfinder is an app that takes advantage of IoT to provide the visually impaired with an easy way of navigating a city by public transport. The concept is design with our target audience in mind therefore the interface is made in a way partially blind people can easily distinguish. Moreover, for a fully blind person, we designed the hierarchy and elements of the interface to make the best use of accessibility mode on phones.


Mathias lives in Denmark. He is a husband and a father of two.
He wakes up every morning to run 5km before he goes to the office.

He is the reason we conceptualised this app. He is completely blind on one eye and he can see 3% with the other eye.

In order to better understand our users so we can design for them, we put ourselves in their shoes. We walked blindfolded we created public transportation scenarios and tried to understand how a blind person will approach that situation. Moreover, we talked with numerous organisations that help the visually impaired as well as visually impaired persons to help us understand the struggles they are going through. 

We mapped out the different situations in the life of a blind person, tried to empathise with them along each step and come up with potential solutions. After numerous sessions and iterations, we focused on public transportation which we found out to be one that would have the biggest impact on the target audience.

So how is his life different than yours?

How would you travel alone to an unfamiliar place?
How would you recognise what bus is coming?
How would you know when to get off the bus if there is no sound announcement?

You wouldn't. You would rely on other people and multiple apps on his way. 

The result

Our goal is to make people like Mathias more confident in getting around the city. We also wanted to make them self reliant, and provide them with one solution instead of them having to use multiple apps. 

What’s next?

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