Optimizing and Improving the User Experience

Project Details

Digital Concept Development School Project
My role in the project — Undertake user research, interaction design, working on the user experience and prototyping.‍

Client — Creuna/Arla
Services — User Research, User Experience Design, User Interface Design, Prototyping and Testing
The Team — Dan Mircea, Paulina Witczak, Nicolae Chitoroaga, Alicja Lemańska, Daniel Nørskov


Expand the click&cook concept — We were presented with the challenge from Creuna on optimizing and improving the user experience of a concept design by them for Arla. The concept in question was called Click&Cook. As a design team, the challenge for us was to expand this product in a meaningful way which with benefit both the users and the company itself. 


A better experience for families — The project resulted in making numerous small improvements to the overall user experience of the concept. It also resulted in us implementing a new feature in the concept that fits with Creuna’s and Arla’s vision of it and brings new opportunities for stakeholders.

A better experience for families

We managed to create a better experience for users while creating opportunities for stakeholders.


We set ourselves a goal to examine the user journey of Arla's Click&Cook concept. We took up the challenge of optimizing the current concept and expanding with additional features of the Karolines Kokken app. Investigating the problem space was done through preliminary desk research. We examined general online shopping behavior and decided to put the principal focus on the actions of families. The purpose of the secondary analysis was to explore possibilities. The findings helped us to find a direction that we followed throughout the creative process. We found out that time presents a significant obstacle to putting a healthy meal on the table for busy families.

In this project, we used the user journey as an analytical tool to find current pain points, but it also helped to plan future improvements of the concept. We made the analysis based on an interface inventory. When having identified all the pain points, we were able to reassess the journey and introduce a new, improved concept of Click&Cook.

At this point, we managed to fulfill part of our goal, optimizing the experience. However, we were missing something, something new for the concept.  ‍After numerous debates and ideation sessions and a thorough analysis of our ideas and what would have the most significant impact, we came up with our solution. It made use of the leftover ingredients from the previously bought recipe, and it provided users with recipe suggestions that could make use of said ingredients. 

We tested it out and made numerous iterations before presenting it to the client. We delivered an improved experience by optimizing part of the app, making users' life more straightforward. We expanded the concept to be beneficial for both the users and Arla and its partners.

The result

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